I wrote a friend not long ago I felt I had crossed a new threshhold in Life. I was wrong. Fact is, I was actually just stepping over the door of that threshhold. Since then, I have learned one thing: Beware the foyer! One might feel the changes, but that feeling actually comes at the onset, when the adventure has just begun. The complete transition is actually a long ways away. I'm not even sure at this point in time, so many months later from that initial naïveté, I am yet much past the entryway. Truth be known, I fear now going further. Did I choose the right door? Is it too late to change that choice? Can I get a do-over?

Of course, the logical answer to all those questions is “Sorry, Charley, the bed is made and it's time to sleep. Deal with it.”

Not at all a pleasant response when one happens to think sleep is inconsequential, and the quiet of one night is worth awake a thousand hours of daylight.

But nobody ever said Life was going to be easy. Reality is, the innocence of Youth makes all humans believe that. Then when Life really starts to happen, oh what a surprise! And that's when we all start dividing into the adults we have become. In my opinion, today's human civilization (in the United States) has way too many whiners. Crossing paths with some people, using the common greeting “How ya doin'?” involves at the very minimum at least 10 minutes of time, until you politely look at your wrist (whether wearing a watch or not) and say “oh! Look at the Time!! Gotta run.” I have learned from one friend (one of the kindest and dearest people I have ever known) to say “How ya doin' in 25 words or less, please.”

I love this person because I do have their full attention when my personal response, to that very same question, takes 20 minutes of their time.

And THAT is Life! Between humans, between humans and all other creatures on this planet (including teenagers), it's the give-and-take tolerance and compassion between us that shows who we really are.

Fecal Matter happens to everyone. How we deal with it, does indeed, create our character, and sometimes makes crossing that foyer a little easier to bear.

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