So many theories, so little time...

Fact, faith, or fiction, when it comes to how our planet Earth originally became caught in the web of this seemingly infinite Universe, there's as many diverse ideas and opinions as there are peoples on the Earth. The most common is the Big Bang theory, basically about an atomic nucleus gone wild, forcing out a giant cosmic explosion of matter. There's also the String theory, an interesting idea involving quantum physics and clashing dimensions. Accompanying these incredibly complex scientific ideas, toss in a few abstractions like Intelligent Design and Ancient Astronauts, and certainly not forget the strong beliefs of Creationism, where all came from the divine intervention of a Supreme Being. My favorite theory is that this is just an illusion, and doesn't exist at all.

While personal ideas of faith can explain a lot of the unknown, and modern science can explain a lot through the known, the reality here is that all ideas on how our reality first came to be are just ideas. In the heat of empassioned debate, I think people forget that sometimes. So let's start just by everyone agreeing with the fact the Earth does exist, rejoice and find comfort in the notion it began somewhere, somehow, and just get on with things.

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