Living in Poverty
in the United States

What causes poverty?
Rarely just birth; sometimes bad choices; usually just bad luck.

What's it like?

  1. Having to choose between the need for bread and the need for toothpaste

  2. Knowing how to be humble in getting help just to survive (You just don't think of the word "begging" and it's a little less intimidating)

  3. Watching TV to see all the material things that are out of reach

  4. Developing a true appreciation for Fast Food (a luxury)

  5. Getting a lesser quality of health care

  6. Having to justify (without self-incrimination) even the most simple forms of survival to get government assistance

  7. Knowing your kids can't enjoy things like movies or sports like other kids can, because the expense is too great

  8. Knowing your kids probably won't be able to go to Higher Education, even if they wanted to

  9. Enduring the Christmas holidays knowing your kids probably will never get exactly what they want, and neither will you

  10. Regreting your pitiful whine in the Land of Plenty, when over 45% of the world's population live below the "$2-a-day" poverty line

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