Media Thoughts

I think one of the reasons things in the world seem so wonky right now is we are inundated every single day in every possible way by sadness, tragedy, heinous crimes, disease, famine, global warming, and war. It's not just the newspaper headines, or the nightly news bringing this profound sense of impending doom, but in television drama, situation comedy, and even in thirty second commercials. Maybe it's time for some good old fashioned happiness.

How about a newcast on television that gives a majority of good news for a change? Sure, an insurmountable amount of returned lost puppies and/or percentage rates of automobiles that actually made it home without incident would soon become less exciting than the current barrage of burglaries, fires, high speed chases, and domestic violence turned hostage situation. But how can today's television news media actually believe it's appetizing to place the chef du jour immediately after a special story on starving people in Africa?

And if anyone's paying attention to the commericals lately, it's easy to understand there's a pill for everything – especially pills to ward off the side effects of other pills. There's even one now for weight loss without “changing daily habits” and several for products involving the curing of disease and other malfunctions I really didn't know I might have. All conjoined, of course, to various addiction rehab centers, plastic surgeons who claim they can make everything right, and attorneys in case they can't.

Then let's get serious about television comedy. It may just be me, but I don't really see anything funny about in-your-face comedic handling of serious life issues. I do realize these new Reality Shows aren't considered comedies, but they should be. If that's reality, I'm on the wrong planet.

Wake up, people!! Life really isn't all about drama. It's not about being shocked, shaken, appalled, and/or grossed-out. It's about being happy. If we are to allow media to continue being the major life influence in these modern times, it's about time media helped make things better, instead of constantly dishing out the worst.

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