There seems to be a conflict lately when the words "substance abusers" transpose to "users of substance" and definitely create two entirely different conversations. My comment concerns the latter.

Ever since the fields of pharmaceuticals and public relations got together, there not only seems a frenetic need for anti-wrinkle products and multiple variations of viagra, but a pill for every ache and pain, and pills to counteract the effects of other pills (all of which involve exhorbitant costs) . It's just not easy for some people with adequate health insurance to resist this all-you-can-take buffet of prescriptions. Interesting to me, by the way, the FDA has no problem allowing free reign to those pharmaceutical companies to do whatever they want, no problems passing things like Bextra and Vioxx, but stumble all over themselves (and the politicians) when it comes to things like medicinal marijuana.

And while it is sadly true there seems to be once again a growing infestation of harmful illegal chemicals (specifically Meth) taking down people of all ages lately, the marketing of that virtually harmless leafy green substance doesn't seem to have changed in 40 years, nor has the ability to not get carded at the local liquor store, both of which accomplish a great deal for those (and of them there are many) without adequate health insurance to get the legal stuff.

We're living in a world that seems to be failing at every turn. Things we thought we could count on just one day no longer exist. Amid political and social turmoil, alarming reports on the eco-systems of our planet, changing views of employment, frightening financial futures, failing health, and witnessing the transition of generational power to a group of young adults whose primary concern is the television reception on their cell phones, perhaps that one toke over the line is what we need sometimes, however we can get it.

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