A View on Religion

Surfing the Net one day, I came across a list of one-liners I emailed to a Christian friend, who asked if I am a person of faith. Although the one-liners strongly suggest bumper sticker philosophy, my thought to that was "whatever works". So there you have an element of my "faith" - (1) God speaks in mysterious ways.

Yes, I am a person of HUGE faith. I believe in the existence of a spirit of perfect good that transcends mortal definition, but for common purpose, I call this entity God. I also retain the politically incorrect usage of the He-gender. While many may take all that as a given, I am one who respects the ideas of others in however they perceive God. (2) God speaks to all who listen in ways they can understand.

I'm not a big believer in secularism, though. I certainly understand and respect the need of many to congregate into assorted demoninations on whichever day(s) they deem holy, but I prefer to worship in my own way.

I was raised Methodist, and attended a Catholic elementary school. In college, I studied Eastern philosophies, specifically Hinduism and Buddhism. Over the years, I have learned much about Native American forms of worship, and recently delved a bit into Islamic ideology. Perhaps this is why I won't come right out and say I feel myself a Christian, because I have found all who look to that ultimate Truth I call God are really no different than myself. And I try to stay open-minded, since considering #1 and #2 above, there may be things spoken I may have not yet heard.

When it comes to Christianity, my study of the New Testament stops after the four gospels. Jesus gave all the instructions on all I need to live as I feel I should. I do try every day, but the hardest for me sometimes is the "judge not" thing.

OK, all that being written, I'm also very much the historian, and have done some research on the growth of the various religions and the influences of religion on human civilization. I really love chatting about theology in all its forms and about all the ways we mere mortals can incorporate Truthful living into our daily lives.

I know in etiquette we're advised not to discuss politics or religion, but my oh my, those are the two most inspiring things to talk about, I think.


LORD, God, bless all people in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day. Beautiful One Liners!


9 October 2009

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