LOST: The American Dream

Current controversy regarding the Immigration Reform Act has reached every corner of America. Without a doubt, every American has an opinion on the topic, often in much heated ways, and after all these decades trying to overcome predjudice within our borders, the Immigration Act seems to shamefully be breeding its renewed growth. Before our government allows it to get out of control, all citizens of the United States need to start seeing the big picture of what is, and has been, happening to our nation.

  Although the unemployment rate has marginally dropped since outsourcing was a hot topic in the 2004 elections, American companies which have taken our jobs to distant lands now face layoffs in the thousands, and continue to choose taking more jobs from its own citizens in the process. But the resulting loss of American jobs becomes less and less significant in this post 9/11 world intensifying national security, when the simplest of calls to a customer service department (accessing the most personal of information regarding names, addresses, social security numbers, and financial account numbers of countless American citizens) are being answered by upwardly mobile operators living in New Delhi.

Citizens of the United States have no health care plan, but to not get sick. The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2001 has resulted in financial companies bleeding our bank accounts through fees and interest charges, and the collection agency business is booming.

  The Fair Minimum Wage Law of 2007 allows the current minimum wage raised on July 25 to $5.85 per hour. With the rising cost-of-living already spiraling out of control, and buying power at its lowest point since 1949, this new law offers minimum wage employees what equates to just about one tank of gas per week. Since many companies already pay above the $5.15 requirement, to the majority of American workers, this upgrade will make little difference.

  There is a big thrust toward inspiring our citizens to achieve an education, and to aspire towards becoming the next generation of world leaders. Imagine the discouragement on completing their education from high school to college to post-graduate, only to find this same encouraging government approves bilingual ability as an acceptible job requirement, but not an acceptible requirement for study in the American educational system. Everyone currently educated in the United States, regardless of scholastic level, automatically becomes ineligible for even the most meager positions in government, law, industry, food service, and medical fields because they only have been taught to speak English.

  Americans, in general, aren't happy anymore. Losing our jobs, overwhelmed by the rising cost-of-living, with no affordable health care, no hopes for recovering social security, and being openly discriminated against in the workplace because we are monolingually disabled, the American people are being betrayed by their own government. Enough is enough. The Immigration Reform Act is not the first attempted insult our political leaders have thrust upon us, but American citizens should rise to ensure it is the last.

  The Republic of the United States is comprised of elected officials, chosen by citizens of their own communities, to fairly represent them in governing for the common good of this nation. The reality is that our government spends more time trying to legislate morals than trying to behave Constitutionally, upholding their own oaths of office to defend us against all enemies, including themselves.

  As the candidates begin their run through the political gauntlet of this Presidential election year, the war in Iraq is the hot topic of both parties, as well as non-partisan criticisms of the current administration, and of each other. Whatever the personal and partisan politics of these candidates may be, the United States needs a leader who will re-insure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the citizens of this nation, and give us back the American dream.


25 June 2007 

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