oh if I were young again
If I were young or even middle aged, and could count on 20 years instead of maybe four or five, I would take these prints I am getting *in the process of using up the color ink cartridge which has no yellow left!* not to mention the same files in full color, and translate them to four foot by six foot canvasses in acrylic paints until I had enough to stock an art gallery, just so I could say "see what I did with my life" even if I never sold one.

After using big brushes for the wide view I would go in and paint small figures, fairies, monsters, beautiful women and handsome men, birds, OWLS, wolves and possums, (<8~~~~ dancing in the narrow bands, like creatures of chaos, so small you would only notice them if you stood very close to the canvas.

Maybe I will try it yet if I survive the winter. Making these backgrounds should keep me busy for some months, and when I get a full color ink cartridge I will have whole new universes to discover!

Carl, aka Night Owl MacMerlin
Thursday, 21 Oct 1999